Empowering humans

We at Sound-Conscioussness want to tell every human being about our innate power that comes directly from our energy field.

For years I have tried to understand what our own energy field is about and how we can harness the power of the life force that is present in each and every one of us. My own conscious journey started with Qi Gong practice, where I first felt the flow of energy coming out of my hands. Not long after that, my teacher took me to the pyramids and the Sahara Desert in Egypt, where I discovered how energy holds knowledge. But even in experiencing all that, I did not know how to decode the information that I absorbed. Many years later, after entering the shamanic path for healing, with different teachers, I discovered that everything I asked for, was being answered from inside, through intuitive messages. The only thing I needed to do is to clear the energetic clutter so that I was able to receive the right frequency, and thus, decode the answers that I collected, vibrationally. That’s what is meant with “The answers you are looking for are already inside you”.  I also discovered that through the combination of healing and the Law of Attraction, my requests to the Universe came through with a lag time of 1 month. And in the most joyful ways! I only had to make a few adjustments..

Now that I know, I want to share these priceless keys with you in a practical and accessible way. And, to bring you all the handy tools to make your own path fun, easy and enjoyable. 




Guiding the newly awakened on their path to Energetic Sovereignty.


Sharing the basics of ancient knowledge in a pragmatic way